Saying "I Do" Without Rocking the Boat: The Ultimate Guide to Hosting a Yacht Wedding

Did you know the biggest expense for a wedding is most often the venue? In fact, in Australia, the venue alone costs an average of $21,250.

If you're going to spend such a lot of money on the venue, make sure you pick the perfect location. Instead of a boring old reception hall or hotel, why not try something with a bit more class and distinction?

A luxury yacht wedding is a perfect way to celebrate your union in style. But what are the benefits of getting married on a yacht? And how can you plan a yacht wedding?

Read on for all you need to know. Are you ready to have yachts of fun? Let's set sail!

Benefits of a Yacht Wedding

If you want your wedding to be memorable and not "run of the mill", a luxury yacht wedding is for you. Nothing says extravagance like a yacht party wedding, after all.

Even celebrities are jumping on board the yacht trend. Take Heidi Klum for example. She married Tom Kaulitz aboard an extravagant yacht in Capri.

Yes, your luxurious wedding will forever stand out in your guest's memories. But there are more amazing benefits of getting married on a yacht:

  • Easy to control the number of guests
  • Save time by conducting the ceremony and reception in one location
  • Affluent amenities and arrangements already on board (from entertainment to catering)
  • Travel to stunning locations with incredible photo opportunities

And the list goes on!

How to Tie the Knot on a Yacht

As with any wedding, on or off-land, there are the usual factors to take into consideration. But there are also extra things to think about when it comes to getting married on a yacht.

The Paperwork

You may wonder how to get married on a yacht. Is there extra paperwork involved?

Many yacht weddings are destination weddings. This means you need to find out the local laws of the land before you start making and set plans.

For example, some countries require that you must be in the location at least a week before the ceremony. Other countries require a civil ceremony beforehand. While other places have restrictions on timing for ceremonies

If you want a sunset wedding, be mindful of any timing constraints.

Yacht charter companies all have different rules and regulations too. Make sure to read all the fine print before booking. If you do your homework, all will run smoothly.

Pre-Planning for the Perfect Party

Yacht hire for a wedding gives you an abundance of onboard options. Many recommend vendors for organising florists, entertainment, photographers, and hair and makeup services. This is extremely helpful if it's a destination wedding.

But whether you choose your own vendors or work with their list of recommendations, find out what the rules are. Such as corkage fees, decor or entertainment limitations.

When planning a luxury yacht wedding, make sure to take into consideration other costs too. Such as airfare, visa fees, and airport transfers.

Be Our Guest

One of the main restrictions from getting married on a yacht is your guest list. There is a maximum amount of guests for each yacht, and you can't sneak any extras in either. But many companies will have a fleet of yachts with various numbers of passengers for you to choose from.

But even if companies offer space for 100 people, find out about the actual room available. For example, is there a space for a cocktail reception after the ceremony? Or is there enough room on the dance floor for all of your guests?

Squeezing too many people into the yacht might ruin the magic of the moment!

Boat-Friendly Wedding Attire

A yacht wedding party won't affect wedding attire too much. But there are a few things to take into consideration. Such as the climate.

If your wedding will take place in the heat of the day, you need to make sure you and your guests don't faint under the beating sun. And if the time of year is prone to be windy, you may need to choose clothing that won't reveal too much.

Some yachts also have rules regarding footwear, as some stiletto heels may damage the deck. Check their protocols before you splurge on any unsuitable footwear.

Find out if the yacht offers cabin rooms for the wedding party to get ready in. If not you will need to arrange somewhere close to the harbour.

Food, Glorious Food

Many luxury yacht companies have a fabulous chef on board. Others accept outside vendors. But your options are generally the same as any other wedding.

The best way to feed a big crowd is a buffet. But if you have a small number of guests, a sit-down dinner will keep it classy. Some yachts may have enough space for you to sit out on the deck and watch the sun go down while you eat.

Many couples opt for a cash bar. But an open bar for your guests is a great way of thanking them for travelling all the way to your unique venue.

Delightful Decor

When it comes to decor, you already have the best backdrop any venue could offer. While the ocean scenery is a beautiful start, you may want to add other decorations to make your big day unique.

If you cant hop on board for a tour, check photos to see what's already there. Note the flooring, the lighting, and colour scheme. This will help you to plan matching decor.

Floral arrangements and table centrepieces will look classy on any luxury yacht. And as noted, many yacht companies can help you to plan your decor too.

Extend Your Honeymoon

One of the best ways to utilise your yachting experience is to extend your wedding day into a honeymoon. You could even invite the rest of the wedding party to stick around for a few days to recover from the big day.

Cruise around, have a swim in the ocean and indulge in gourmet meals. It's the perfect honeymoon!

Yachts of Fun!

As you can see, a yacht wedding will be a truly memorable event. Follow this guide and your boating adventure will be a success.

So, what are you waiting for? "Seas the day" and book a yacht for your wedding.

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