Things to Do in Sydney This Weekend

Australia attracts 9.3 million visitors from other countries. There are many reasons why the land down under attracts so many tourists.

The country itself is beautiful, tourists want to hold a koala bear and see a kangaroo, and there’s nothing like travelling the Australian seas.

Australia has many amazing cities but there’s no city like Sydney. Sydney is the capital of New South Wales and is one of Australia’s largest cities. There’s so much to do in Sydney.

But what if you only have a weekend to spend in this incredible location?

Here are things to do in Sydney this weekend.

Royal Botanic Gardens

Royal Botanic Gardens is said to be one of the most impressive gardens in the world.

Located on the east side of Sydney’s iconic Opera House, this garden hosts many types of plants and flowers. The garden also offers impressive views of the city and of Sydney Harbour.

No Botanic Gardens visit is complete without enjoying lunch.

Pack a picnic or grab a cheap lunch and sit out on the garden. You can eat anywhere here, but we recommend you sit at Mrs Macquarie’s Chair for the best views of the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.

When should you visit the Botanic Gardens? No time is a bad time to visit the gardens! However, we recommend enjoying a sunset view of the gardens. The gardens are also less busy at this time.

Circular Quay

Circular Quay is the main ferry terminal on Sydney’s Harbour. You’ll also get a glimpse of Sydney’s two most famous landmarks: the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. You can even get your picture taken in between these landmarks.

Overall, Circular Quay is the best place to experience the vibe of the city.

The Quay is also very peaceful; you can sit down and watch the ferries ride by. There are also many restaurants lined up around the Quay, so get a bite to eat and enjoy the city of Sydney!

Take a Tour of Sydney’s Opera House

We all know the stunning exterior of Sydney’s famous Opera House.

But you can enter the Opera House and take a tour! You can view all aspects of the Opera House, including the backstage area. You’ll also learn about the Opera House’s unique history, uncover the secrets, and learn other interesting facts.

Visit the Rocks District

The Rocks District is a historic area of Sydney. It’s near the Quay, so no reason to travel too far. The whole district offers a little bit of Australian history; from the myriad of museums to the cobblestone streets and vintage architecture.

It’s essential you visit Rocks Discovery Museum to learn more about the Rocks District and get a glimpse into Australian history.

This district is also home to plenty of pubs, historic hotels, craft breweries, and there’s always live music and entertainment.

Walk the Sydney Harbour Bridge

If you’re not planning on driving in Sydney, at least walk over this historic bridge. The bridge offers a pedestrian walkway so you get the best views of Sydney. We recommend walking during sunrise or sunset for the most magical experience.

Keep in mind, this bridge is huge and the walk will take awhile. If you’re not used to uphill and downhill walks, this could be physically daunting.

Take a Yacht or Boat on the Sydney Harbour

The best way to explore Sydney Harbour is on a boat. But would you rather avoid the overcrowded tourist ferries? Fortunately, you have other options. You can rent a yacht or a boat and travel along the Harbour.

If you’re visiting Sydney with a group, book a dinner or a party on a yacht. You’ll have access to a staff who will cater for you and will serve you drinks. This is also the perfect option if you’re hosting a birthday party or other special event.

Have you ever wanted to go sailing? There’s no better place to go sailing than on the Sydney Harbour! With private sailing, you and your friends or family will explore the Harbour on a luxury sailboat.

Is fishing on the Sydney Harbor a bucket list goal? Rent a fishing boat and embark on a fishing adventure!

The offshore Sydney Harbour offers some impressive catches including tuna, marlin, broadbill, and spearfish. If you prefer to stick to inshore fishing, you can hire a guide to direct you to the best fishing spots.

Visit Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach is one of Australia’s most iconic beaches. If you love surfing, this is the beach to surf!

Bondi Beach attracts huge waves that every surfer craves. If you prefer swimming, no Bondi Beach trip is complete without swimming the Icebergs Ocean Pool.

If you’re not much of a water person, you can sunbathe on Bondi Beach’s white sand. Or, you can walk along Hall Street and dine at a nearby café or have a beer at a local pub.

Visit the Taronga Zoo

No trip to Australia is complete without exploring their animals. Australia has 386 native mammal species.

While there are many zoos in Sydney, no zoo is as diverse as Taronga Zoo. This zoo is home to 350 animal species and 4,000 animals!

At Taronga Zoo, you’ll find all animals, from bears to tigers. You’ll even see giraffes and elephants! Taronga Zoo also has impressive frogs and birds.

And of course, no trip to an Australian zoo is complete without eyeing the kangaroos and koala bears!

You can meet the Red Kangaroos straight from the outback and walk into the koala bear exhibit and come face-to-face with a koala bear!

Unfortunately, the city of Sydney forbids any guest from holding or touching a koala bear.

From the Zoo to the Opera House: There Are Many Things to Do in Sydney This Weekend

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