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Don't miss out on the best view of Sydney Harbour NYE fireworks! 

New Years Eve on Sydney Harbour is undoubtedly one of the world's top bucket list destinations. Travellers from around the world visit Australia every year to enjoy the unparalleled fireworks display that spark out from the Sydney Harbour Bridge, along with the inspiring backdrop of the Sydney Opera House.

To enjoy this experience there surely isn't a better way than aboard a Sydney Harbour NYE boat charter, allowing you to escape the crowds and letting you and your loved ones experience this moment to its fullest. 


Why NYE on a Boat? 

 You cannot beat a harbour cruise for the best waterfront views for Sydney NYE, avoiding the shoulder-to-shoulder crowds. Many of the best vantage points do not allow alcohol so if you would like to celebrate with a drink and enjoy the harbour events, go on a boat.

At Sydney Harbour Escapes, we offer charter packages that include dinner and beverages so you can enjoy your drinks and be waited on while watching the best event of Sydney Harbour. Typically, boats will board passengers around 6:30pm – 7:00pm so that you can enjoy some music and other harbour events like Harbour Light Parade boats before the fireworks start.

Why watch the fireworks on a boat and not from mainland? Amongst many reasons, the majority of the waterfront restaurants have two seating times so your party is broken up and rushed. On a boat charter you can relax for the evening and not feel pushed out. But of course, the main reason is the incredible views from aboard one of our vessels, as well as the intimacy this experience can provide if you book a private charter. 

To help you plan for this evening, we have compiled in this blog all the key considerations to help you make the most out of this evening:  


 Best spots to see the Sydney Fireworks

Of course, we think the best view by far is on a boat on Sydney Harbour! There are lots of options for anchoring to enjoy the spectacular views to see multiple fireworks displays at once. Our skippers at Sydney Harbour Escapes are experts at finding the best vantage spots. Our tip is to get anchored early so that you can secure a good position. Places like Farm Cove near the Botanical Gardens and Shark Island offer some highly sought after vantage points. Remember that boat skippers have to abide by strict government regulations regarding available places to anchor, times to pick up and drop off and where possible to cruise. 


Vantage Points for NYE Boat Charters

If you go for a boat hire with Sydney Harbour Escapes, whether private or ticketed cruise, you will have the ease of not thinking about which are the best areas to watch the fireworks from. In addition, you will not have to think about the special considerations that take place for boats in the harbour, such as an exclusion zone from Cockatoo Island to Clarke Island, limited access to certain wharves and alcohol-free zones. 

The following are the most recommended vantage points for watching the show from aboard a boat: 

North-west of Sydney Harbour Bridge
Clarkes Point, Greenwich Ferry Jetty, Manns Point, Balls Head, Berrys Bay, Lavender Bay.

South-west of Sydney Harbour Bridge
Mort Bay, Ballast Point, Snails Bay.

North-east of Sydney Harbour Bridge
Neutral Bay, Shell Cove, Mosman Bay, Athol Bay.

South-east of Sydney Harbour Bridge
Farm Cove, Woolloomooloo, Rushcutters Bay, Double Bay, Rose Bay.


Some areas are ticketed, while others are free. In addition, there are designated places where alcohol is allowed. To check updated information about this and other information about vantage points, click here 


Be a part of the Harbour of Light Parade
If you would like to experience the Harbour of Light Parade, where decorated boats circle near the Harbour Bridge, call us to check availability for either private skippered cruises or ticketed cruises for NYE. Get in quick as spots get booked up quickly. Call us now on 02 93284748 for boat and location suggestions.



Fireworks Schedule 

Following is the general schedule that has won our hearts for many years for New Years Eve in Sydney. 

6:00pm –  Pre-show Entertainment 

A stunning aerial and water display takes over Sydney Harbour, followed by an encore aerial performance at 8pm.

7:30pm – Welcome to Country and Smoking Ceremony 

The traditional 'Welcome to Country' ceremony takes place, where Gadigal Elders welcome visitors to the Gadigal Land. 

9:00pm – Family Fireworks

Taking into consideration the little ones of the family that might fall asleep before the change of the year, a smaller yet still fantastic fireworks display is released early from barges and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. There will also be a synchronised simulcast on KIIS 1065. 

9.08pm – Calling Country

This a special moment to honour the Dreaming of this place and Australian's relationship to this story. In addition, there will be live performances at the Sydney Opera House and dazzling visual projections.  

9.08pm – Harbour of Light Parade

A mesmerising parade of ships decorated with colourful themes, changing lights and impressive performances that promise to astonish spectators. 

Midnight -  Fireworks display 

The moment everyone had been waiting for, Sydney Harbour lights up with a world-class pyrotechnic performance second to none. The best vantage point to enjoy this one of a kind experience is aboard a private charter or a ticketed cruise. 











Private Charter vs. Ticketed Cruise 

Most boats can be booked for private charter on New Years Eve. There are a large range of choices of boat styles (power and sailing catamarans, power cruisers, monohull yachts, ferries, luxury super yachts, pontoon boats, glass boats, multi level cruisers, speedboats and open boats) and catering options (private chef, custom menu, set menu, BYO). Needless to say, a private charter provides the intimacy and flexibility of having only you and your guests on board, allowing you to enjoy this beautiful moment only with those with whom you have invited. For a few hours, the boat is pretty much yours! 

If you don’t have a group of friends to share a private boat hire in Sydney, you can buy individual tickets on a new year eve party cruise. This is also a great way to meet new friends. Just being on a boat together sharing such an incredible event together will make it really easy to connect with the other people on board. There are boats that have fantastic DJs and dancing and there that are typically quieter and more relaxed. 

Recommended: If you are a single, couple, small group or just wanting to socialise with new people, book a ticketed cruise, and if you have a a group of friends or family, there is nothing better than to share a memorable evening aboard your own private charter NYE boat and be waited on. Our Sydney Harbour Escapes team would be glad to suggest options that will suit your event style and budget. 


Our Most Popular NYE Yachts

With 18 years of experience organising NYE boat charters, our Sydney Harbour Escapes team can recommend you the perfect vessel based on your preferences, budget, and party size. 

Here are some of our most popular yachts during this memorable evening:


                             Quantum                                                     Masteka 2


                            Corroboree                                                   Galaxy  I   

Oceans - Hero - Social - PartyInfinity Pacific - Sea - Sun - Summer

                            Oceans                                                     Infinity Pacific 

View All NYE Charter Boats

Live Stream 

There are many ways through which you can take part of this celebration. Hopefully, you are there to witness it yourself. If you are, we encourage you to share all your photos, videos and stories using the hashtag: 


A collection of social media content generated by spectators, along with a live stream of the fireworks display, will be shared in the official SydNYE website 

If you have friends or family members who could not join the celebration, there are various sources through which they can follow the ceremony: 

  • ABC - TV Channel, iview, Facebook page and Youtube channel 
  • KIIS1065 - Radio

See It For Yourself! 

We hope you've by now made your decision to spend an unforgettable evening in Sydney Harbour for New Years Eve. If you haven't and are still wondering what it all looks like, check out the video below by the City of Sydney, and picture yourself and your loved ones enjoying this fascinating experience! 





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