Don't Forget the Details: Planning Starship Sydney Corporate Cruises

"C'mon aboard, mates! Welcome to Starship Sydney! We're glad you could join us for one of our corporate cruises. We promise it'll be an experience you won't forget!

While you wait for the rest of your party to arrive, why not stroll around the decks and take in the view of beautiful Sydney Harbour, Australia's gem? You couldn't have picked a better day for this cruise."

In the paragraphs that follow, we'll introduce you to the amazing Starship Sydney, with all its features and amenities. In this article, we'll focus on its capabilities for hosting corporate conferences.

About Sydney Harbour

Most Aussies know and love Sydney Harbour, as do visitors from all over the world. Besides the harbour itself and the many watercraft that can be seen there, there's the Sydney Opera House, a renowned landmark.

There are numerous other destinations along the shoreline, such as Bondi Beach and Watsons Bay. So if you happen to be in Sydney for the first time to attend your Starship Sydney conference, there's a lot to see and do before and after.

For now, though, let's move on to Starship Sydney, the star of our show!

About Starship Sydney

When you board Starship Sydney, you'll be amazed at both its spaciousness and its elegance. We're sure its features are the envy of the entire harbour. And they will be very memorable for your conference attendees as well.

Area and Capacity

Starship Sydney is the largest glass boat cruising Sydney Harbour. It offers three levels of event space with a total area of 450 square metres. Two levels are enclosed beneath high ceilings. Surround-glass windows on each level are three metres high.

The ship can accommodate 140-500 seated guests, depending on the activity level and the seating configuration, and up to 950 for cocktails and mingling. The spaces can be arranged for different types of events.

If you think these spaces sound terrific, wait until you see how they're equipped!

Features and Amenities

Every part of Starship Sydney has something to offer its guests. Here's a look at each of the decks and its features:

Main Deck

This is where the expansive ballroom is located. This space also serves as a presentation room for large-group events as well as a dining room--either buffet-style or with table service.

The Main Deck can seat up to 390 guests. There are no support pillars to impede movement or an excellent view either.

The Main Deck is equipped with a full bar, 6 plasma screens, a sound system (with microphone), and an integrated hydraulic lift that’s 6 x 3m and a load capacity of 2500kg. This last item could be used for any heavy equipment you might need or want to demo.


The Lounge Deck features abundant modular cushioned seating. On this deck, you'll also find a full bar, washrooms, 3 plasma screens, a sound system (with microphone), and an outside area where smoking is permitted.

This deck can also be converted into an alternative dining room that seats up to 120.

Upper "Open Sky" Deck

Another deck is the top-level Open Sky Deck, where the cockpit is located. This is a flexible space that sits directly above the Lounge Deck and has lots of space for fresh air, cocktails, and conversation.

There is also an open stairway at the rear that offers easy access to and from the Lounge Deck. This deck can be set up with cafe tables for your event if you'd like.

Below (Service) Deck and Green Room

Last but certainly not least is the Below Deck. This is mainly a service area with our large kitchen, storage areas, and the ship's main washrooms.

This is also where large items (as big as cars or boats) can be brought on board to go to the Main Deck on the hydraulic lift.

One very special feature of this deck is the Green Room or "VIP Room." This is a flexible room that can be used as a place to prepare for a presentation, a private meeting space, or whatever else you might have in mind.

The engines are here too, as well as some secure, lockable storage space.

Booking Corporate Cruises

We're proud to say that our cruise boats are very popular. So, when you're planning your Starship Sydney corporate cruise, be sure to plan ahead. If you have some specific dates in mind, just let us know and we'll be delighted to check on availability.

If you requested dates are not available, we'd be happy to work with you to find some that are. Please be prepared to tell us roughly the number of attendees you're expecting and what services you would need.

Planning the Details

 We have a dedicated Corporate Planner who is eager to discuss your group's requirements to determine the best set-up for your event. The following are arrangements this person can take care of for you.


The Corporate Planner will explain which locations on the vessel are well-suited for speeches and large-group presentations and which work well for workshops or break-out sessions. Of course, there is plenty of room for casual conversation too!

She also will help you plan room configurations, lighting, and any technology needs. We can even arrange for a large item, like a piano, to be brought in via Starship Sydney's large lift--from the Below Deck straight to the Main Deck!

Food and Drink

You might be looking to have canapes and drinks throughout the day or a full midday or evening meal, or perhaps both. We have an extensive menu. And all our dining choices are prepared onboard and served by our expert staff.

You shouldn't even think of hiring a cater for meals and refreshments either since our food preparation staff will take care of all you need--and then some!

And When Your Event Has Ended...

Don't miss this opportunity to hold what will be the best corporate conference of your career. Your attendees will return to work feeling inspired and invigorated--not to mention appreciative of your generosity.

You should know as well that we host far more than corporate events on our many cruise boats. So after your corporate cruise has ended, remember us when planning other events.

Whatever event you might be considering--whether a wedding, a holiday cruise celebration, a family reunion, or something else, we offer the best experience you'll find anywhere. Just let us know what you need... or desire!

Posted by Sydney Harbour Escapes on Dec 11, 2019 10:12:24 AM