What Could Be Better than a Day Spent Sailing Sydney Harbour?

Gorgeous sunsets, one-of-a-kind beaches, and the iconic Harbour Bridge... Sydney has no shortage of impressive attractions for both tourists and locals.

Yet, one of the most popular ways to experience Sydney is by boat. This is why Sydney has about 20,000 boats registered in its harbour. 

Hiring your own private boat charter offers tons of unique services and amenities for those who love sailing. This is an ideal way to travel when exploring the sights, celebrating a special event, or hosting a party. It's also the preferred way to get around, compared to taking a trip on a tourist-crowded ferry. 

So, are you ready to book your next boating adventure? Here's how to have the best experience when sailing Sydney Harbour. 

Select the Right Boat Style and Size 

When sailing Sydney, it's important to ensure you have the perfect vessel for your needs. This means finding the right sized boat, with proper comfort and safety for your party size.  

Are you looking to take a romantic tour for two or a family sailing trip? Other boat options are more ideal for a gathering of a group of friends. Determine how many passengers will be aboard so you know which type of private charter to book.

It helps to have a guest list in mind when selecting boat options. Some style of sailboats can only accommodate a certain number of guests. 

Larger sailboats are perfect for hosting a dinner party or a friends cruise. Luxury super-yachts are great for celebrating a special event or planning a corporate function.

It's always best to book your boat trip in advance to ensure availability. Most boat charters in Sydney book up 3 to 12 months in advance. This is because Sydney is ranked as the most popular travel destination in Australia. 

Set Your Budget

Boat size, style of boat, and booking season will all affect pricing. Be sure to research different options to boat charter Sydney to stay within your budget. 

Most charters offer packages or pricing per hour. Day trips often have a minimum amount of hours per trip. This should help you determine how long you can book your boating trip for. 

Most charters also require a 50% deposit at the time of booking. You want to inquire about any holiday surcharges as well. 

Another pricing consideration is the size of the crew on your boat. Determine if you need to hire on extra crew members or wait staff to accommodate your group. You have the option of skippering your own boat or hiring a professional as well.

Chartering a vessel that includes a captain allows you to sit back and relax. Someone in your party doesn't need to stay sober to captain the boat either. 

Browse Different Boat Characteristics and Services

Special services can make your Sydney Harbour sailing trip more unique. Another tip is to consider which features and amenities are important for your trip. 

Look into boat amenities, like the number of cabins and if they have en-suite bathrooms. Kitchen capabilities and cooking equipment are other factors. Indoor and outdoor shower systems are also important for many sailors. 

If travelling with your family, be sure to find a boat that is child-friendly. Many sailors prefer a sun lounge, with plenty of deck space.

You may want a sound system for playing your own music. TV, WiFi, and air conditioning are other popular amenities. 

Look into which food and beverage services the boat offers. Many charters include custom menus and all-inclusive beverage packages.

You may also have the option to bring your own food and beverages. This is much less expensive than catering, yet subject to an amenity fee.   

Don't Limit Yourself to Daytime Excursions

Day trips are ideal when visiting the beach or taking in the sights along the harbour. Yet, a nighttime cruise offers a completely different ambience and experience. 

These trips offer an opportunity to star-gaze as you sip cocktails aboard your boat. They are also ideal for hosting a party on your boat

You may even want to consider an overnight cruise. This way, you can enjoy both day and night sailing in Sydney. For overnight trips, be sure your boat has enough sleeping accommodations and bathrooms for your party size.  

Pack Properly for Your Trip

Most sailors dress in comfortable yet stylish clothing. This includes sundresses or lightweight pants, shorts, and shirts. 

Be sure to pack sunglasses, hats, and sunscreen. These items are essential to help protect your skin from the sun's rays. 

Sailing in Sydney is most often met with favourable weather conditions. Yet, this will depend on the season you sail in. So, you may want to bring a raincoat to be safe. 

Other things to pack include a camera and an iPod or phone with your favourite playlist. Bring along party supplies, favours, and decor if you're celebrating something special. 

Schedule Stops at the Best Attractions

It helps to plan your itinerary for your boating trip in advance. Will you spend the entire time on the water taking in the sights? Or will you make special stops to visit certain attractions along the harbour? 

Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House, and Circular Quay are top spots to see. The Sydney Harbour bridges also offer excellent picture opportunities from your boat. 

Other attractions include the Royal Botanic Gardens and Rocks Discovery Museum. The Taronga Zoo and Fort Denison are other great sights. There are many delicious waterside restaurants and pubs to dine at as well. 

Take a trip to Icebergs Ocean Pool at Bondi Beach. The harbour is also home to the Vaucluse mansions and other luxury homes. 

Another option is to sail around different islands, like Shark and Clarke Islands. You can also choose to anchor the boat in a more secluded area, like one of the harbour's many bays.   

Sydney is also ideal for whale-watching. Get up close to species like humpbacks, minkes, and orcas. You'll also get to see dolphin and seal sightings.   

You can even book a charter to experience special harbour events. This includes Christmas, New Year's Eve, and Boxing Day. The annual Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race is another popular event to attend by boat. 

An Adventure Awaits When Sailing Sydney Harbour 

These tips will help you to have the best experience when sailing Sydney Harbour. Booking a private boat charter offers you an opportunity to explore Sydney in luxury. You'll also have access to unique amenities and features to enhance your trip. 

Ready to book a one-of-a-kind adventure in Sydney? Learn more about Sydney Harbour Escapes impressive fleet and trip pricing. 

Posted by Sydney Harbour Escapes on Dec 19, 2019 4:48:15 PM