Ring in the New Year with a Private New Years Eve Cruise

The holiday season is coming up fast and there is a lot to prepare for. You’ve got Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and finally New Years. Why not give yourself a little break after Christmas is done?

We don’t mean skipping New Year’s altogether. We’re talking about booking a cruise. Depending on the one that you book, food, drinks, and decorations will all be handled for you.

All you need to do is bring your family. Sound good to you? Keep reading to find out more information about booking a New Year’s Eve cruise in the beautiful Sydney Australia and enjoying fireworks in style.

1. Why a New Year’s Cruise

Before we get into how to book a cruise, we're going to talk a little about why you should. The main reasons are to escape the cold weather, the overall ease of it, the fireworks, and the Harbour of Lights Festival. 

Escape the Cold Weather 

When was the last time you could enjoy New Years in shorts? Never probably. While winter is harsh around some parts of the world in January, the high in Sydney is around 80 degrees.

So, if you're not a fan of snow and ice, you can take the chance to escape to more favourable weather

Food and Drinks are Taken Care of 

Depending on what cruise you book, food and drinks are taken care of. The only preparing you'll need to do is making sure that you and your family make it to the harbour in time. 

Our luxury charter super yacht has everything that you'll need. There are large exterior and interior spots that you can explore on the boat. You'll also have a dedicated staff along with an experienced chef to prepare your meals. 

The Fireworks Displays are Famous

Perhaps the main reason why you would want to book one of these cruise boats is to see the fireworks. You'll be able to enjoy two different shows. One happens at 9 PM and the largest and more elaborate one starts when the clock strikes midnight. 

While the goal of your skipper is to give you, the best vantage point as possible, there are a lot of boats on the water during New Year’s so nothing is guaranteed. 

Harbour of Lights

The Harbour of lights is an event where several of the vessels are covered in decorative lights and sent out to be part of a parade near the Sydney Harbour Bridge. If you want to be a part of this parade you'll need to book as soon as you can.

This is probably the most popular event going on during the night so tickets sell out fast.  

2. Ticket or Private? 

You will have two cruise options to choose from. Ticket or Private. We're going to briefly go over the pros of both.  

Private NYE Charter Cruise 

If you want to book a private charter you'll have plenty of options to choose from. There are power cruisers, ferries, monohull yachts, speed boats, glass boats and more.

Depending on what boat you're on, you'll get catering options such as a private chef, private menu, or custom menu. Some of the boats are also BYOB but we'll get into that a little later. 

Your best bet is calling ahead of time to get options that will fit the needs of your celebration. 

Ticketed Cruises 

If you want to go out for a solo New Year’s trip or you're part of a very small group then you should buy individual tickets on to a party cruise. Some of them have amazing DJs and dancing and others are home to much quieter celebrations. Both are good options depending on your taste. 

4. Booking and Planning Your Cruise 

Are you interested in booking? You'll need to do so early if you want to get a place on a boat. Here are a few tips for booking and preparing yourself for your New Year’s Eve adventure. 

Book Early

Booking typically begins right after New Year's Eve, so don't hesitate to start the booking process then. Spaces fill up fast and prices fluctuate throughout the year. So, your best bet for reserving a spot and getting a good deal is to book as soon as you can. 

Give Yourself Time 

You want to give yourself as much time on the boat as you can. If you get on the boat early then that gives you more time to get settled in and find a good vantage point for the fireworks. You'll also be able to find better parking around the pickup wharf.  

Bring Your Best Camera 

You're going to want to capture the full beauty of the fireworks to revisit later or show friends and family. Even if your phone has a great camera, it won't be able to do speed shots the way a professional grade camera can. 

So, bring your camera that way you can capture the fireworks from close up instead of just getting the little specs. 

BYOB Boats  

If you're on a BYOB boat you're going to want to bring a cooler to store drinks and finger foods like sandwiches. You shouldn't go too overboard because you may end up having to park pretty far away from your pickup point and you don't want to walk that far with full arms. 

Book Your New Year’s Eve Cruise Today 

The holidays are crazy busy. That's why you should give yourself a break from all the preparation by going on a New Year’s Eve cruise instead.

It may be more expensive than setting up your own party but if you book early you can take advantage of a few savings. What are you waiting for? New Years is right around the corner. 

Got a few questions about booking your trip? Contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. 

Posted by Sydney Harbour Escapes on Jul 30, 2019 11:53:00 AM