Why You Should Spend New Year's Day on a Luxury Yacht in Sydney

What could be better than spending New Year’s Day sailing around stunning Sydney on a luxury yacht?

Start the year with a bang or soothe your sore head from the previous night’s festivities as you relax on board a cruise around Australia’s most famous city. Incredible weather, jaw-dropping views, and fabulous company – where can you go wrong?

If you need further convincing, let us show you why a New Year’s Day luxury yacht cruise is the ultimate way to celebrate the turning of the year.

Celebrate with Close Family and Friends

On a Sydney yacht charter, you have the power to celebrate the New Year wherever and with whoever you want.

Gather the people you want to celebrate the year with – instead of in a packed bar full of strangers.

How long you go, how many stops you make, and where you go is all up to you, so you can craft the perfect Sydney boat charter trip to suit you and your loved ones. Such flexibility offers a valuable sense of independence and self-reliance out on the water!

When it comes to celebrating, that’s all up to you too. Fancy relaxing to ease the hangover from the night before? Then chill out on board in the sun.

Or perhaps you’re looking to plan a daytime party to ring in the New Year? Then get the drinks in and get partying! Here at Sydney Harbour Cruises, most of our vessels have freezers installed and every charter offers an AUX cord so you can play your favourite tunes on any music compatible device such as an iPhone or iPod.

Admire Sydney's Famous Harbour

Make your Sydney Harbour New Year’s Day a special one by taking a luxury boat charter around the city’s world-famous waterfront.

A delight to explore, Sydney Harbour is one of the most beautiful and striking harbours found in the world. Admire the big-name attractions that peek across the water, including the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Then, glide past charming islands, the bustling Circular Quay area, and the city’s renowned Taronga Zoo.

Soak up the Natural Sights

When you’re out on a luxury charter boat, you’re up close and personal with mother nature! You can enjoy this proximity to the fullest and can get right into the water to swim, snorkel and dive. You’ll be able to discover tonnes of underwater wildlife, including big-belly seahorses and hundreds of bright and colourful fish species that inhabit the waters.

Most of our vessels feature swim ladders, so guests can easily swim while the yacht is charted. If you’re not sure where exactly to swim, your captain will take you to the most gorgeous secluded bays on the day of your charter.

Not a swimmer? Not to worry, you can still soak up the glory of the surrounding landscapes around you and appreciate the nature the city has to offer.

The harbour is teeming with wildlife above water too. Spot colourful birds living in the pockets of bushland, such as rainbow lorikeets and crimson rosellas. If you head to Manly, you can even spot tiny little penguins near the wharf!

Swim at Beautiful Beaches

Sydney is famous for its incredible variety of beaches, offering more than 240 kilometres (150 miles) of shoreline featuring plenty of unspoiled stretches of sand.

Harbour beaches are generally a lot calmer than open beaches, and you can enjoy the gentle, bobbing waves that are perfect for swimming in – especially for young families.

Camp Cove is a lovely option, and you can also stop off at Watsons Bay for a portion of the suburb’s famous fish and chips on the grass. Or, head to the world-famous beaches of Bondi and Manly to tick off your bucket list.

Into water sports? Then Balmoral Beach is the spot for you.

Whatever your favourite beach activity is – there will be a beach to suit you.

Relax in the sun after a refreshing swim. Watch Aussie surfers catch waves from the shoreline – or even join them! Fill up on delicious seafood with a beach picnic or at a beachside café.

There’s simply plenty to do on the beaches on Sydney and spending New Year’s Day at one will make the experience even more special.

Go Island Hopping

Spend your New Year's Day yacht charter Sydney trip doing something unique, such as exploring the colourful history of Sydney Harbour’s islands. These include Fort Denison, Shark, Clark, Rodd, Goat, and Cockatoo.

Cockatoo Island is a popular choice and is listed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Australian convict sites – discover all about the island’s fascinating history! It was off limited to the public for over 100 years, but today there are options of guided tours and overnight camping in luxury safari tents.

Alternatively, head to Fort Denison to check out the sandstone Martello Tower – the only one of its kind in Australia.

Or, head to Shark Island with a picnic to enjoy the tiny island paradise featuring palm trees, picnic benches, and a lovely sandy beach.

Ready to Book Your New Year's Day Luxury Yacht Cruise?

Whether you’re seeking a day of adventure, or a secluded space to rest on the water to relax, a New Year’s Day luxury yacht cruise is sure to be an experience to remember.

After all, what can beat seeing in the New Year by spending time out on the water, admiring the world-famous landmarks of Sydney Harbour and visiting the city’s incredible beaches and historic islands?

To learn more about our New Year’s Day luxury cruises, discover more here.

Posted by Sydney Harbour Escapes on Aug 24, 2019 6:00:00 PM