Hire a Yacht in Sydney: Complete Guide to the Best Deals


Bon Voyage!

A day on the open water can instantly bring relaxation, fun, and joy. The wind is crisp. The seas are gorgeous. The day is perfect.

When you have spent too many days on land, it may be time to find your sea legs. It may be time to hire a yacht and take to the high seas.

Science has proven that water can have a calming and transformative effect. The sound of the waves can help us unwind. The smell of the salty sea air can clear our senses. The feel of the water can put our minds at ease. When we watch the land fade from our view, we can watch the stress fade from our lives, as well.

Chartering a yacht is a great way to appreciate life on the water without actually committing to a life on the water.

Here are some reasons to find and charter the perfect super yacht for a vacation, celebration, or corporate event.

Have Some Fun and Hire a Yacht

Why stay on land when we can be on the water?

One of the most relaxing ways to unwind and remove stress is to take a break from our daily lives. However, it's hard to actually take a break when we are constantly surrounded by our phones, the internet, and technology. We, literally, can't get away.

If we hire a yacht, though, we leave everything behind. We can get far enough away from our daily expectations and responsibilities and appreciate fresh air and the open seas.

The best part about a super yacht is that we can bring our friends, our family, and if we choose - our fellow co-workers.

Let's take a look at a few considerations for an exciting and relaxing Sydney yacht hire.

Do Some Research

Before hiring anything, it's important to do your due diligence.

Not all luxury super yachts are created equal. There are some vessels that are geared for more intimate gatherings with a few family and friends. There are others that are meant to be large, glamorous event options for many people.

An important consideration is why you want to hire a yacht.

If you're looking to take a family vacation and appreciate each other, then interior living space will be something of importance. You'll want to know exactly what types of activities will be available on the exterior, as well as the size and number of guest quarters.

If you're looking for a large super yacht for a celebration or a corporate event, then you'll need space. Your focus will probably be more focused on space and food/beverage options, rather than onboard activities and guest quarters.

Doing a bit of research and knowing the differences between yacht types is very important.

Read the Reviews

As with everything, reviews can make a huge difference.

When looking for a Sydney yacht hire, you want to find a reputable company. There are plenty of yacht companies that advertise plenty of amenities and options but deliver very little. Finding a yacht and a crew that comes highly recommended is paramount to making your yacht hire decision.

Here are some important things to consider when reading reviews:

  • Yacht quality and upkeep
  • Expertise of the Captain
  • Professionalism of the crew
  • Overall experience

The Captain and crew will be your gatekeepers for any yachting experience. Choosing a yacht based on the expertise and professionalism of the crew will ensure that you, and your guests, have a great time while aboard.

Understand the Costs

Remember the fine print.

When you hire a yacht, it's important to know there will be additional expenses. The initial upfront cost will secure the yacht fees. However, there are other fees that will be expected at the end of the trip.

Here are a few of the additional fees to consider, when evaluating your Sydney yacht hire budget:

  • Tips and Gratuities for the Captain and crew
  • Additional excursions on land
  • Experience upgrades (beach picnics, crew-planned events or outings, etc)
  • Souvenirs from destinations

There will always be additional things that we spend while on vacation. Hiring a yacht presents the same type of expectation. Captain and crew tips should be at 20% on the low end and over 30% on the high end.

Also, it is very important to be upfront with your expectations when hiring a yacht. Once you're at sea, expecting certain things may not happen if they have not been planned for at the beginning.

Based on what you discuss when hiring a yacht, food choices, activities, and other specific things you've requested will need to be ordered in advance.

Hire a Broker

Do not try to hire a yacht on your own.

If you've never chartered a yacht for a vacation or an event, there is a lot that can be missed in the process. A quality, well-versed broker can ensure that your time spent aboard a corporate yacht or a luxury super yacht is perfect.

A yacht broker can help you determine some important things when it comes to chartering the perfect yacht for your needs.

  • Will you motor or sail?
  • Will you stay at sea or go to different ports?
  • What experience do you want?
  • What is your budget?
  • What are your food and entertainment expectations?

Hiring a super yacht can be uncharted waters if it's your first time. You'll appreciate someone with a strong understanding of the different yachts, as well as the experiences and crews, to help you plan your perfect trip or event.

Take to the High Seas

A day on the water is a day worth living.

A day, or more, aboard a chartered yacht is an experience like no other. Being able to leave the land behind can allow us to leave our worries and our stress behind, even if just for a little while.

If you are ready to hire a yacht and experience a bit of life at sea, let us help. We've been helping people find the perfect escape for over 19 years. Our yachts are beautiful. Our crews are professional and personable. Our mission is to help you experience the luxury, beauty, and tranquility of the open waters of Australia.

The ocean is everything we wish to be - beautiful, mysterious, wild, and free. We will find your perfect yacht and create your perfect adventure.

Posted by Sydney Harbour Escapes on Feb 18, 2020 3:50:28 PM