Everything You Need to Know to Hire a Boat For Your Next Big Event

Perhaps you want to plan a unique venue for your next work event but feel like your company's already done it all. For something completely different that everyone will enjoy, why don't you hire a boat? A party, wedding, or corporate event on the water is classy, adventurous, and fun for all. 

Boats that host parties do this sort of thing all the time, and you'll be amazed by the wonderful service, fantastic food, and exceptional setting they can provide for your special day or evening gathering.

If you're thinking about hiring a boat for your next party or corporate event, there are many factors to consider. Read on to learn everything you need to know to hire a boat and to have a wonderful time on the water with your friends, family, or coworkers.

Why Hire a Boat?

A boat hire is a wonderful way to get people together. It's an experience they'll never forget. There's nothing quite like being out on the open water with the wind in your hair while taking in the fresh air, sights, and sounds all around you.

Having a wedding on a boat is romantic. In fact, any party you have on a boat will automatically put the guests at ease, and everyone will be in high spirits throughout your journey. The confined space is conducive to mingling; friends and acquaintances will enjoy maximum quality time, and new relationships will surely be forged too.

For business purposes, corporate events on boats will project an innovative, adventurous, and glamourous company culture to others, and again, the enclosed space will lend itself well to networking opportunities. The water and movement of the ship will metaphorically inspire the flow of ideas as well. 

Types of Boats

There's a wide variety of boats available to anyone interested in an event charter.

Sailboats and catamarans can be fun for all, and you and your passengers will enjoy seeing where the wind takes you during the charter. Luxury superyachts are immediately impressive and take comfort and extravagance to the next level while sending a clear message to your guests.

Pontoon boats are great for some groups and offer large open spaces for dancing and socializing, and fishing charter boats are enticing for groups that wish to enjoy a group activity or competition together while on board. 

The type of boat you choose will have a large impact on your overall event, so choose wisely. If you have trouble deciding among them, the charter company you choose can help you to make your decision.

Size of Your Group

Try to pre-determine the number of attendees you'll have at your event. All boats have strict capacity limits for safety reasons and therefore, you won't be able to include anyone who decides to go at the last minute if the ship's passenger list is already full. 

If you have a smaller group but still wish to hire a boat, there are smaller boats available. Or you can sometimes combine with another group to share a larger boat's cost. Some companies have boats that have multiple levels, so your group could be conducting a meeting on one floor, while another group celebrates a birthday party on another level.

Boat-Specific Considerations

Every boat is a little different, even within a single charter company, so there are a number of things you need to find out about before settling on the right one.

Duration & Route of Charter

Usually, charter companies offer rental opportunities in three, four, or five-hour increments. Sometimes, you can add an hour if needed, but most companies won't take one of their boats out for you for only an hour or two. Time flies when you're having fun on the water, so think long and hard about the amount of time you'll need onboard for your event to be successful.

Further, you should ask your charter company about the route the boat will take during your hire. Some companies simply leave the dock and anchor somewhere offshore for the duration of the cruise before heading back to the dock at the end. Others will take your group along the shoreline or sightseeing, which is a much more rewarding experience in most cases. 

Beverages & Catering

Your guests will want to eat and drink while sailing the seas. When it comes to food and drinks on a boat, there are several options.

Some charter companies include open bar and hors d'oeuvres or a meal in the per-passenger cost. In most cases, you'll have a say in what foods are served and what alcoholic beverage choices are available at the bar.

Other companies or boats offer food and drinks for cash sales. A snack bar or paid buffet may be available for your guests, and they can decide if they want to eat and drink at their own cost.

Sound System

It's likely your group would like to listen to music while onboard. Depending on your event, you may also need to use a public address system to communicate with your guests, give speeches, or conduct a presentation. Before hiring a boat, make sure that a high-quality, clear PA system is available for these purposes.

Cost Per Passenger

The easiest way to compare the value of different boats you may be considering is to break down the price into cost per passenger. This way, you can more easily understand your overall expenses in a more digestible way. 

Of course, when doing this sort of comparison, you should also take food quality and other amenities into account. The least expensive boat may not be the best choice for your specific event. When you hire a boat for a wedding, you'll likely have different needs than someone who's hiring a boat for a corporate networking event. 

Happy Boating

When you hire a boat, you know you and your group are in for a good time. No matter what your event, the time spent on the water together will be something that no one will ever forget.

Boats make memories. Charter one for your next event today.

If you're looking for a boat to hire in Sydney, Sydney Harbour Escapes has over 140 safety-certified vessels and has served over 50,000 happy customers during our nineteen years in business. Please contact us to find out more about our fleet and the incredible services we have to offer you and your group. We look forward to seeing you on the water. 

Posted by Sydney Harbour Escapes on Nov 7, 2019 9:50:00 AM