5 Reasons Why You Should Throw a Hens Party or Buck's Night on a Boat

All big events in life should be celebrated with a big party. The bigger the event, the bigger the party. And once in a lifetime (hopefully) events, can warrant a couple of parties.

Few things present the same kind of finality as events set on a boat. Hell, our language is filled with definitive nautical puns. Before you go down with the ship, you should shanghai some friends and book a hens party boat. 

A bucks or hens party off-shore can get wild as you like while retaining a touch of control. Primal fears of falling into dark waters keep some of the crazy in check. Being out of sight of the ordinary, likewise, inspires a sense of adventure.

To get your party motor started, consider the following reasons to set sail for your bon voyage to the single life. 

Bucks or Hens Party Boat Opportunities

It's not like you really need a reason (or an excuse) to go all out on a party. This list is more about how to make a party extra by adding a private boat charter.

Multiple songs have been written on the subject, must be something to it.

Some alarmists worry that the per-person cost on a proper pre-big day party is getting too high. Beat the average and then some with the low per-person of a fabulous multi-hour boat excursion.

The base price of an excursion relates to the size of the vessel and the number of guests. From there, it's up to you to bring out the event you want.

Ready to be inspired? Read on with 'baited' breath to get hooked on everything a chartered boat brings to your party.

1. Guest Control

For every "I met my future spouse when they crashed an event" story there are hundreds of "My party went to crap because of a rando idiot" story. 

A trip out on a boat makes determining invited guests from the uninvited easy. Anyone drenched in seawater probably doesn't' belong (or fell overboard, which makes you question your friendship with them). you won't need to 

Limits on capacity make for an accurate headcount when boarding. No captain is setting off with unattended minors or obviously belligerent passengers. This keeps your trip the right kind of exciting.

2. Security and Safety

Speaking of keeping the guests in check, being surrounded by water has a cooling effect on the more extreme behaviours. Staff from the charter company work to make sure the guests are safe (legally, they have to) and that the boat isn't getting trashed.

No worrying about party-goers crossing out of the designated area and getting into it with other tavern or bar patrons. No concern that you might have lost a Jerry in the bushes when changing from one location to another.

No headaches from missing coats and lost wallets.

The contained nature of a boat also leaves less room for party-goers to feel outside of the crowd. This keeps your wallflower associates engaged with the event and makes your hens or buck's night cruise a success.

3. On-Hand Amenities

A hens party yacht is like a hotel on pontoons (except not because it has a keel). you don't have to worry about doing anything from the moment you step onboard until you disembark.

Anything you want to be provided can be covered. Bar service? Handled. Catering? Done.

Neither you nor your guests need to worry about doing anything but having a blast for the duration. 

While set menus are offered, accommodations for specific meals and meal idea are possible.

Don't worry about any kind of clean up, we've got that taken care of.

4. Your Timetable

Having a hard time booking the room you want in your usual bar? That special occasions ballroom can only fit you in for two hours on a Thursday morning? By the time everyone is off-work and ready to go, the bars are in the process of shutting down?

Avoid all of these problems with a custom charter time. You start when you want and the party goes until your done. No need to deal with the schedule of the business when the business accommodates your schedule.

Since you dictate the timetable, you also dictate the order of events. Food early or late? No problem. Drinks the whole time, or maybe you want a slower burn with the hard stuff introduced as the night goes on?

You might not be able to party all night long on a single charter, but there's a time to consider your quality over quantity. 

5. Mix and Match

Being on the boat is only one part of the overall party experience. The previous items give you benefits to the boat itself. The final benefit is you can bring along activities of your choosing. 

Get out your list of luxury hens party ideas and start adding them. Play some poker with your best bros for your buck's night cruise.

Play games, dance the night away, eat too much and drink too much. Anything you can do on land you can do faster and with a little bit of tilting, on a boat.

Costume parties are a popular option for a chartered yacht event. Decor can be arranged and you don't have to take any time out of your revel to answer stupid questions from townies and norms wondering why you are all dressed up.

There's also this water stuff all around you. If getting off the boat is your preference, there are plenty of water sports and games to engage in. 

Unmoor Yourself

The best days of your life are coming up. The last hurrahs of single life are now. Cast off from the banal shores of responsibility and get going on a bucks or hens party boat now. 

Got some ideas but need some helping sorting through it? Just contact us and give us a chance to bring your wildest party dreams to shore.

Posted by Sydney Harbour Escapes on Aug 21, 2019 10:00:00 AM