Why a Yacht is the Perfect Venue for a Health and Wellness Retreat

Are you or your company in search of the ideal venue for your next health and wellness retreat?

Ever considered hosting one on the water?

It's a well-known fact that water soothes the soul and helps people feel relaxed, which is why hiring a health and wellness retreat yacht is the perfect ticket to rejuvenation and a retreat attendees are sure to remember.

Still not sure? Here are 7 more compelling reasons a yacht is a perfect venue:

1. Waterside Yoga

If you don't have waterside yoga planned for your wellness retreat, you're doing something wrong. The deck of a luxury yacht is the perfect, soothing, setting to connect with your inner self and enjoy meditating as you breathe deeply the smell of fresh sea air.

Hold your yoga session out on the sundeck or balconies while enjoying the sunshine. Or, bring things indoors and enjoy the cool and contemporary conference spaces.

The options aboard a luxury yacht are many and sure to provide a serene setting whatever spot you choose.

2. Tailor Your Venue to Capacity

No need to compromise luxury for frugality.

Quality yacht services allow you to choose the ship size that fits perfectly with your expected number of guests.

You can select a more intimate yacht for around 35 guests, or opt for the larger vessels that hold up to 950 guests.

No need to worry about overcrowding your venue or hampering your guest's sense of peace because there simply aren't enough available amenities.

When you choose a yacht for a venue you're sure to have enough space and services available to keep every guest happy. After all, isn't that an essential part of wellness?

3. Enjoy a Licensed Bar

When you rent a yacht for your wellness retreat, you don't have to go through the extra hassle of hiring your own bartender. Most luxury yachts offer a cocktail bar.

This is a great way to help your guests enjoy mingling with one another out on the balcony or on the deck while taking in the stunning views.

Having a licensed bar that comes with your package is just another worry to check off your list when planning a major retreat.

4. Take a Refreshing Dip

With a yacht for a venue, not all fun needs to be confined to the ship itself.

Many of our vessels come equipped with a swim ladder, allowing guests who are interested in a swim to enter and leave the water with ease.

Simply plan ahead with your captain or event planner to request having your yacht anchored along one of the many beautiful and secluded bays the day of your retreat.

Then, sit back and let your guests reconnect with nature as they get their feet wet or anything else they'd like... 

5. Bring Your Own Music

It's a scientific fact that music has a great influence on human moods and wellness. That means you want to be very deliberate about just what kind of music and sounds your guests are exposed to on your health and wellness retreat.

Create an ideal ambience for wellness and rejuvenation by putting together your own playlist and playing it aboard your yacht of choice.

Most yachts come fully equipped with a PA system so you can help set the tone and atmosphere for your entire event from the moment guests step foot aboard.

If you choose to do an over-nighter event, (which is also an option when hosting your retreat on a luxury yacht), wake your attendees up each morning with soothing sounds or inspirational messages.

Even dance parties have their place at wellness retreats, and the good news is you don't have to rely on a pre-determined playlist or DJ to pick the jams that will appeal most to your audience. 

With the yacht PA system, you have more complete control over the mood of your event and thereby the experience your attendees enjoy. 

6. Decorate Your Yacht to Match Your Event

Do you have a specific theme or vision for your corporate health and wellness event? Is there a colour scheme or genre you'd like your event to have?

You can customize the ship to match your event by bringing your own decorations.

Simply arrange with our event planners to set up a time before your event begins to decorate the ship for guests.

This can also serve as a time-saver and money-saver as you don't have to worry about hiring an outside decorator for your event. Simply choose the decor you want and allow us to help you set it up.

Create the event of your dreams will decorations of your own choosing. You can bring the experience to life for your guests by showing them you or your business have put real effort into helping them enjoy greater wellness through a beautiful and comfortable setting.

7. Simply put, It's Fun

Let's be honest, having an event or party of any kind onboard a luxury yacht is a must-have life experience. 

Whether you're a yacht novice or an experienced seaman, the opulence, beauty, and class of a yacht ride is something to delight in every time. You may attend hundreds of events in a lifetime, (most held at some average indoor conference or reception centre), but an event onboard a stunning ship is one you're sure to always remember.

We guarantee your guests will too.

Especially for a health and wellness event, combining luxury with nature, customization with fun, relaxation with quality, is a perfect equation for a wonderful time. 

Choosing the Right Health and Wellness Retreat Yacht

Choosing the right health and wellness retreat yacht for your event may seem daunting with all the options available to you. Not to worry, our team of expert event planners are here to help you understand your own event needs and discover which ship is perfect for you.

For answers to questions or further information on what's possible with a yacht retreat, reach out to us today

We're here to help you plan and enjoy your event of a lifetime.

Posted by Sydney Harbour Escapes on Sep 3, 2019 10:00:00 AM