Cruise Boat Sizes: Your Guide to Smooth Sailing in Sydney

Do you want to give your guests a memorable event? There's no better way to enjoy Sydney than from the water and for event venues, a boat is a great option. From a fishing trip with your best friends to a black-tie corporate party, hiring a boat makes any event extra special. 

With luxury boats, no two are the same. With different styles and cruise boat sizes, it's difficult to know which vessel will suit your needs. From sleek lines to teak decks, choosing the right boat for your charter will impress your guests and make it an event to remember. 

When choosing the right size boat, there are a few things to think about. You don't want to underestimate the size and have to turn guests away but you also don't want to choose an oversized boat. A balance of space and intimacy is what will make your event feel just right. 

Keep reading to learn how to choose which sized boat you should charter for your event.

Understanding What Cruise Boat Sizes Mean

We measure boats in different ways depending on the situation. Most of the time, it is by their length and beam (width). Even those measurements aren't always clear though. Length can sometimes mean waterline length or bow to stern. 

Weight is a common measurement for motorboats, which is useful for their pilots but less useful for those who want to charter them. Boats are also traditionally measured in feet rather than metres, so you'll often see them listed in imperial units. 

The actual measurements of a boat aren't all that important to know. A 20-metre sailing yacht won't have the same amount of space as a 20-metre motorboat. 

Different styles and layouts also make a difference in usable space. That's why we break down our cruise boat sizes by capacity, rather than by measurements. 

When you look through the incredible boats we have on offer, you'll see the maximum amount of guests listed clearly.

Overall Guest Capacity

This is how many guests can be on the boat at one time. This calculation includes space across all guest areas. If you're looking for the ideal boat for a day trip party in Sydney Harbour, this is the number you must look at. 

Overnight Charter

This number shows how many berths (bed spaces) are available onboard for overnight guests. Many people entertain large groups of guests during the day and, after they've gone, stay with their loved ones overnight aboard the boat. 

If you'd love to spend the night at anchor or in a marina after your event is over, check how many passengers can stay for an overnight charter. 


It wouldn't be an event without food! Deciding what kind of dining arrangements you'd like is key to choosing the boat size you'll need. 

Cocktail and buffet-style dining allow for far more passengers than sit-down dining so if you want to feed everyone, that's the number you must look at.

Cocktail styles dining capacity is usually the same as overall guest capacity. Casual buffets can often cater to many people but on larger boats, numbers might be limited. 

If you want a classic sit-down meal, larger boats will be better for diners numbering over 20 as table space is usually limited onboard. For wedding parties and corporate events where sit down dining is necessary, the impressive Aussie Magic or incredible Starship Sydney have plenty of table space. 

Choosing the Right Size Boat

The boat that perfectly suits your event is the one that will hold all of your guests and have the facilities you need. The physical length of the boat doesn't always reflect its guest capacity so starting out with your guest list is the best way to choose. 

1. Guests

You must know how many guests you'd like to come and how many need catering for. If you want to charter overnight, you'll also need to work out how many people you'd like to stay on board to sleep. 

With these numbers, you can look at cruise boat options here in Sydney. 

If you're planning an intimate birthday trip with friends, you can have a look at the beautiful boats with guest capacities up to 35. For larger events, get up a notch with boats for up to 70 guests. 

For large weddings, corporate events, and special occasions, you might need a bigger boat. With guest capacities up to 900, it's perfectly possible to throw the event of a lifetime out on the water. 

2. Catering

Depending on the size and type of boat, you can either bring your own food or book for catering. For anything more than a few guests, catering makes your life easier and you can be safe knowing that they sort everything for you. 

Cocktail style dining is the most space-efficient way to cater for all your guests but many boats can put on a casual buffet for everybody. If a sit-down meal is part of your plan, you must choose a boat that has the space. 

3. Activities

The activities you'd like to do can also affect the size of boat you charter. If all your guests will snorkel in the harbour and sunbathe, choosing a boat with a lot of open deck space is essential. Catamarans are particularly great for this. 

For an awards evening, you may well need a large dining hall on board and for an evening celebration, perhaps a dance floor and a DJ space. 

Choosing the Right Charter Boat for Your Event

Now you can see that cruise boat sizes aren't just about length. The right charter boat for you will be less about physical size and more about its capacity for guests. 

Check your guest list numbers and think about what activities and dining you want to offer. From there, you can whittle down the amazing range of boats for charter here in Sydney and choose one that ticks all of your boxes. 

If you're thinking of hosting an event out on the water, get in touch with us today. We can help you choose the perfect boat for your needs and arrange everything for you.

Posted by Sydney Harbour Escapes on Jan 23, 2020 5:31:03 PM