Luxury Charter Fishing in Sydney Harbour

Australia is home to a dazzling amount of different marine species, including fish. Although commercial fishing has been banned from Sydney Harbour, recreational fishing is still allowed.

Because of that, you may be thinking of taking a trip with your friends, family, or coworkers. Fishing is a great bonding experience, and what better way to do it than through charter fishing? You'll get to fish in style and comfort!

If you're thinking of charter fishing in Sydney, then keep reading. We'll tell you all about what you can enjoy while out on the waters with Sydney Harbour Escapes.

Luxury Sport Fishing

Charter fishing is a great way to indulge in your hobby. You'll be able to get onto the beautiful waters in a vessel that offers more than just sport fishing. Read on to see what our luxury sport fishing boats have to accommodate you and your guests.

A Wide Variety of Fish

If you choose to be more adventurous and go outside of Sydney Harbour, you'll have the opportunity to fish in the Eastern Australian Current, as it's pretty close to land. With offshore fishing, you'll encounter fish such as spearfish, marlin, tuna, and broadbill.

Even if you stay within Sydney Harbour, there are still plenty of fish to catch. 

No Need to Rent Equipment

If you've put off charter fishing because the thought of lugging all your fishing equipment is enough to put you off, then there are no more excuses now. We at Sydney Harbour Escapes provide all the equipment you need, so you won't have to worry about bringing a thing except for yourselves!

Professional Guides

Does your group consist of fishers of all levels? No problem!

With every charter, we have professional guides on board to help you find where the best fishing is. Then, they'll help you and your group with techniques and the proper equipment to use to get you the best fishing results.

Catering's Available

For those of you who want to fish for long periods of time, you may be concerned about your meals. The thought of a paper bag lunch isn't too appealing.

This is why when you book either our classic or luxury charter boats, we have a range of catering options available. All you have to do is leave the food prep up to us! When you and your group need a break and want to have a bite, our crew will serve up some tasty meals.

Fantastic Photo Ops

Whether it's your first trip out or your 100th, fishing's always a unique experience. And you want to capture those memorable moments to remember for the rest of your life.

Our fishing charters offer plenty of photo opportunities, so you never know: maybe that outrageous action shot will happen on the next fishing trip!

Our Fishing Boats

Here at Sydney Harbour Escapes, we have 7 boats for charter fishing: Ocean Blue, A Team, MV Susannah, Pisces, Sea Eagle, Yackatoon, and Mystery Bay. Find more details about each below.

Ocean Blue

Ocean Blue is a 46' Riviera luxury fishing charter. It can hold a maximum of 10 passengers and comes with a game chair.

You can book it for either 6 hours of game or sport fishing; it'll be $1,000 more for game fishing. Otherwise, rates start at $467 per hour.

The charter includes morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, the Ocean Blue Diamond beverage package, and the bait and gear.

A Team

A Team is a 38' fibreglass vessel fishing carter. This boat holds a maximum of 25 people and has an open cockpit. Do note that only 14 people can simultaneously fish in-harbour and a maximum of 14 people can do offshore fishing.

You can choose from multiple reefs, sports, and game fishing charters that last anywhere from 4.5 to 10 hours long. You can do both inshore and offshore fishing with these charters.

Rates start at $200 per hour.

MV Susannah

MV Susannah is a 41' traditional fishing charter vessel that holds up to 25 people. It holds a maximum of 16 people and only 14 people can simultaneously fish; this goes for both inshore and deep-sea fishing.

For deep-sea fishing on this charter, there are 2 choices: morning or afternoon. Both cost $1,400 and last about 5-7 hours.

Rates start from $186 per hour. Do note that no bottled spirits are allowed onboard.


The Pisces is a large vessel, coming in at 56'. This is a Riviera open flybridge luxury game fishing charter, which means it's state-of-the-art.

It has rods made from one of the world's top 3 rod makers, which makes for excellent deep-sea fishing.

This vessel offers two 4-hour charters (Sydney Harbour Fishing and Coastal Fishing) and one 8-hour charter (Extreme Billfish Fishing). The Coastal Fishing charter is inclusive of food and beverages while Sydney Harbour Fishing isn't.

Also, all charters allow for a maximum of 10 passengers; the exception is the Sydney Harbour one, which allows up to 30 passengers.

Rates start from $988 per hour.

Sea Eagle

The Sea Eagle is a 43' fishing charter boat. It holds up to 35 passengers and has a fly bridge that offers a great view of fish.

This vessel offers 6-hour charters all year long. Although it doesn't come with cater (BYO food and drinks), we do offer cutlery, plates, and cups with no surcharge.

At the end of your charter, we'll clean your fish so they're ready to take home.

Rates start from $234 per hour.


The Yackatoon is a 56' game fishing charter. It can take a maximum of 35 passengers.

There are 4-hour and 8-hour reef, game, and in-harbour fishing charters. We also offer a 4-hour whale watching tour.

Rates start at $575 per hour.

Mystery Bay

MysteryBay is a 60' classic timber motorboat fishing charter that holds up to 48 passengers.

Choose from either a morning or afternoon deep sea fishing charter. These take approximately 6 hours. Professional fishing gear, premium bait, fishing license, fishing guidance, and fish cleaning are all included.

Rates start at $266 per hour.

Go Charter Fishing in Sydney

If you're looking for a high-quality fishing experience, then be sure to go charter fishing in Sydney Harbour with us. 

We offer both inshore fishing in Sydney Harbour and offshore fishing in the deep Eastern Australian Current. Whatever you wish, Sydney Harbour Escapes can give you and your group the ultimate fishing experience!

Interested in charter fishing with your friends, family, or coworkers? Then send us an enquiry now!

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