A Luxury Fleet at Your Fingertips: Choosing the Right Charter Boat

So, you’re thinking of booking the ultimate boat trip cruising around Sydney on a charter boat.

First of all, congratulations! It’s guaranteed to be an experience you’ll never forget.

However, with all the options of charter boats to choose from, it can all seem a bit daunting. It’s a bit more complicated than simply booking a villa or holiday home for your trip.

After all, when it comes to yacht charters, it’s not a case of ‘one size fits all’. There are charter yachts that are more suited to day trips, for families, for romantic getaways, and so on.

That’s where we come in to help. If you need assistance choosing the right charter boat, let us help guide you.

Here’s how to choose the right charter boat for you.


Just as you’d plan a specific budget when booking a resort or hotel for a holiday, you need to set a realistic budget for your boat hire in Sydney.

While you’ll want to have the best amenities, these can add up so you may need to narrow down which are most important for your trip.

The size of the charter boat will be a huge factor and is likely to be your main expense, so you need to work out how many guests you plan to bring along. Work out what you can comfortably afford and try to stay within that number. After all, the more people you add onto the trip, the larger and more expensive boat you’ll need.

Food provisioning should be the next big expense. You can choose to buy it from your charter company, which is the easiest option, or alternatively, you can cut costs and bring your own food from the supermarket or from home. This usually is more of a hassle and can take a lot of time, though.

Don’t forget about fuel and travelling costs to and from the harbour too.

By all means, leave a bit of budget aside for other costs that may spring up. For example, you may want to buy some additional goodies such as extra alcohol or food during the cruise.

Guest List

This leads us on to planning your guest list for your cruise from Sydney.

What type of cruise are you planning? Is it a romantic getaway just for you and your other half? Is it a family holiday? Or is it a big party with hundreds of guests?

A yacht charter can be a great option for a family getaway, however not all yachts are ideal for families. If you’re planning a family trip, for example, make sure the charter boat you choose is family friendly.

You’ll want to make sure all cabins can accommodate well and that there’s plenty of space for kids to play in – nobody wants to be cramped up on a boat with their family, after all!

Your expectations for the trip and who’s going on it will have a big influence on the size and style of the yacht.

You may also need to consider the age and abilities of your guests. For example, do any of your guests have any disabilities or special needs? If so, you’ll need to book a yacht that can accommodate.

How many guests you invite is a safety concern too as all vessels have a manufacturer rating for the maximum number of people that are allowed on the yacht. Staying far beneath the maximum number for the vessel is recommended so you can ensure a comfortable journey that isn’t too crowded on board.

Onboard Entertainment

The guest list will also link into what kind of onboard entertainment you’re looking for.

If you’re throwing an entertaining party for adults only, you might want to focus on choosing a yacht with fun amenities! Perhaps a bar, fantastic sound system, swimming pool, or hot tub will be on your list of ‘must have’ amenities.

If you’re more interested in relaxing and spending time in the sun, you’ll want to choose a vessel with enough deck space for sunbathing, dining, and drinking cocktails.

Got your kids with you? Then you might want to make sure your boat hire Sydney has an onboard entertainment system that includes video games and computers. Plus, kids and adults alike love water toys such as inflatables, jet skis, and water slides.


Likewise, where you want to sail to and for how long will also greatly influence the size, type, and cost of the luxury yacht charter.

Do you want to relax close by to Sydney harbour? Do you want to visit some beaches? Or do you want to find a secluded spot to snorkel or scuba dive?

You’ll need to be matched with an appropriate charter boat that suits the destination you’re heading to in terms of dockage, comfort, and accessibility.

Choosing the Right Charter Boat

Whether it’s your first time booking a charter boat, or you have done many times before, we hope our guide has helped you consider the relevant factors in choosing your vessel.

Whatever your plans, there are plenty of boats that will work perfectly for your trip.

If you need help choosing the right charter boat for you, feel free to get in contact with us so we can help you decide on the perfect boat. We’ll work with you to select the ideal boat that will work for your trip no matter what your budget, guest list, entertainment, or location needs are.

Posted by Sydney Harbour Escapes on Jul 19, 2019 1:26:00 PM